I can humbly say now that the site is up. I've been working on it for a relatively long long time now, but things didn't go as planned at all. "The Plan" was to make it all Flash, and a big part was done in flash but I just wasn't satisfied with it. As a start it was Blog cutomizing, then it developed to a site and a blog, then a Flash homepage that divides the site into a portfolio and a blog, and then an-all-Flash site and a blog. But after a long delay in work and lots of screw ups, I've decided to make it simple, just how I like it, nothing fancy as the content is very modest that it would make it look braggy. The design is very very simple, but I hope it grows as time passes inshalla. Thanks to anyone who was even slightly interested in checking for new updates, and thank you Yazan for the kind effort of Flash work.

P.S 1: The pictures in the portfolio will be updated soon, i'm sorry for the current Low-Res version.

P.S 2: I noticed that the blog is somehow messed up with IE, especially the comment block. So please use Firefox, everything just becomes peachy.