I think about this every time I catch a flu. I lost 2 senses temporarily, taste and smell (or Gustation and Olfaction). I was wondering how could life be without a sense, or moreover, how could a profession go on without the sense required for it? A lot of people know Beethoven, The Deaf Musician. I can't imagine how that was. Mohammed Al-Shar' is a jordanian blogger who was born blind, he taught himself how to deal with a computer, not only that and I think he's way better at it than lots of sighted technology disabled people. He wrote this about his perception of colors, it kept me speechless and it still does. Can we feel Red? Can we feel 'Beautiful'? This is a bit from his conversation:

Friend: “Imagine you’re in a boat in a lake. around the lake, you see big oak trees, roses, and yellow buds. the sun up is bright and warm, and the lake’s water is smoothly and gently moving your boat ahead. describe how this scene, and the diverse colors, affect your soul.”
I answered: “the sun would be the glowing color, the hot element that is ever so attractive, so awakening. the flowers and the buds, with the pinkish element gives the view its tranquility, sweetness, and liveliness. The oak trees with the reddish color they provide inspiration yet more tranquility and calmness. It contrasts with the sun to create a wonderful balance. The boat in the running water will be like the active buzz of life.”

It might sound depressing. Helen Keller, a Deafblind at 19 months of age, and an activist, author, and icon for struggle and learning at death. Her story is one of the most challenging and mind twisting, and hope bringing if I could say so. Keller read in 5 languages in Braille.

Rick Allen, Def Leppard Drummer. A car accident took his left arm, but he managed to train himself on using a custom built Drum kit to use a foot pedal for the snare.

My humble 2 cents, nothing stands in the way of learning. I hope everyone is well and doing good.