Pay To Play 'Dead'

Listen to this:

Sick kick: Most people would, no doubt, question the merits of what is being touted as the next big extreme sport. First there bungee jumping. Now, Eddy Daams, a businessman from Holland, is selling the opportunity for thrill seekers to spend an hour in a coffin. It will set the buyer back about $140. Daams says the coffin is specially designed, with piped in oxygen, and a panic button. If, after being buried 'six feet under', you suddenly realize you don't want to be there, you just need to hit the panic button. "it's very safe. Nothing can go wrong," says Daams.

Found this on this week's issue of Coffee News, I really don't know what word to use to describe this. I'd say 'Needed' because man is far away from the concept of death and judgment, and injustice has become so evident it sickens, that Death tickets are given away to Palestinians, Iraqis..., for free. And I feel it's a bit stupid to pay a figure for staying in a dark box (ok not any box but still).