AUPC 2007

And today we went to Ajman Urban Planning Conference 2007. Supposedly, it's a conference for planners and architects from around the world speaking on the urban develeopment in the middle east in general and in the gulf region in particular. Aaanyway, the "competition" I'm blabbering about nonstop was supposed to be a part of that conference and they were supposed to announce the "Winners" today after they reward the speakers for their participatition, and so we went, "just in case". Since I'm against online blog bitching, I'm not going to whine about anything. I'm a happy guy, supposedly. Actually I met 2 great architects today.

Abdel-Wahed Al-Wakil

First Abdel-Wahed Al-Wakil, an egyptian architect and one of the students of the great Hassan Fathi. He was talking to one of my great instructors before I shoved myself into that conversation just to say hello to him, so my instructor introduced me, we shook hands, and he proceeded with his not-so-important conversation with my instructor! I mean come on sir! I just wanted to have a little chit-chat! I think because he's old now, so he probably didn't notice that so I'll move on.

Farouq Yaghmour

Now Dr. Farouq Yaghmour was awesome! After introducing me, we had a great chit-chat! He was very nice and down to earth, I wish those conversations were longer, but that really made my day, thank you Dr. Jihad!

Back to the "competition", after the speakers finished off and everything, they ran a lazer show to kill time till they gather the awards and such, I felt like I'm in a Tool concert or something (dude, it's an urban planning conference!), they started rewarding the speakers and sponsors for participating and then, we were thrown in for participating in "the competition for the redevelopment of Al-Bustan district in Ajman", and gave us that, that.


AUPC Award

Note: " and Supposedly are highly sarcastic here.