This piece of news has been circling the Arabian blogosphere for the past couple of days, very, typical. Typical of our way of life, this whole freedom-system relationship, and the lack thereof, and the mob. To clear things out first, I am against what happened; I am against sending him to jail over expressing his opinion, whatever that is, instead of dealing with the issue the right way.

Muslims had faced the same thing from non-Muslims when Islam first started to surface; they tortured them over freedom of expression/speech, and in some cases over freedom of belief (i.e., Bilal) this is exactly the same concept applied to different circumstances. Why did they lock him in? I believe this is wrong before being oppressing or insulting to freedom of speech and any kind of freedom, the issue was NOT solved, it was just suspended for a ‘limited’ period of time, that’s the wrong part.

I don’t agree with most of what he says, actually I don’t like it. Simply because lots and LOTS of what he writes are simply not of freedom of speech, but of aggression. Freedom of speech is not: “to whom respected themselves and converted off islam, happy new year!”, and not: “the month of hypocrisy!”. This is definitely not freedom of speech! This is as insulting and labeling as any other stereotype this is supposedly “against”. Those were just a couple of quotes, that doesn’t mean that every single writing of his follow that (dis)belief of his.

What I’m against is how people judge a concept by observing a slight portion of its followers, be that anything, and when it comes to religion, religion represents mentalities of its followers to some extent, here’s where the things get complicated. A lot of Muslims fantasize about Islam’s early days and how Muslims did this and how they’ve done that, and on the other hand a lot of non-Muslims and secular Muslims alike diss Islam based on what Muslims live like today. One of the ignorant comments I’ve come across was: “What have Muslims achieved in the past century?”. The answer is nothing. It’s because Muslims took this concept for granted that it has become some kind of stereotype that every “liberal” individual is against.

It’s a shame how a lot of Muslims have distorted the image of Islam in the name of Islam. And it’s a lot more disappointing how a lot of people interpret things by other ‘people’ rather than going back to the basics.