Day 20

I'm counting the days for this semester, something I've never done before, I guess it would be longer this way. (did I say longer?) Things are still on hold for my project (not really hold hold, but hold), the museum, I wanted to start tonight but Jamie Foxx got me blue so I thought I'd just take a break for tonight, the night is still ahead though. Anyway, there's this gallery on March 18 the university is going to put together that I knew of just yesterday, I'm going to participate in calligraphy, photography, and drawing/painting. I'm really looking forward to this; they say it's quite exposed and all, at least I'd get to push my work a little further.

First they wanted to direct all the participants towards the 'local heritage' thing, frankly speaking I think that is fake and very made-up. I live here, but I'm not a local to represent anything local. I want to represent what I want to and should represent. I'm going to start a new piece for the drawing/painting category, basically named 'Al-Hawiyyah', Identity that is, dedicated to Palestine. I have nothing in mind, I don't know how I'm going to finish that by March 15. For calligraphy I'm going to submit a piece I'm working on now, and for photography I'm not sure, my 'Faces From The Gulf' album that I submitted for Printaholics' competition works fine with that but I don't want them to think I'm sucking up by that too, so abstracts would do good I guess.

Acrylic Mixing

Yesterday was my second meeting with Mr. Yousef Dweik, we started color mixing, it was hectic! 5 hours of mixing Acrylics with a brush and applying them to a sheet of paper is exhausting, but absolutely awesome! We also got to talk about his work, how to observe a piece, how to understand a piece's sign, a bit of history and Palestine talk and turkish coffee!

Color Chroma

Ironically, I'm taking 'Coloring & Interior Design', which has nothing to do with Interior Design, it's basically Color, and that's pretty much it, which suits me great by the way, we're I'm working with watercolor, that's why it suits me great.