Sharing Shmaring

I wrote this almost 2 weeks ago and kept it as a draft, I wasn't sure I wanted to share as I think, I tend to isolate myself in the thinking process, I prefer thinking on my own when it comes to the "creating" part, and open up afterwards. I'll just think of this as a hollow space to throw my stuff into from now on, and it will happen more often, maybe. I'll be using this place to share the sketches and drafts of my work, I feel showing only the end result makes this just a shiny place where I only display my polished output rather than sharing my ideas and attempts more transperently, and I guess this gives a better idea of what each piece is supposed to stand for and the intentions behind it. I also get to think verbally and visually at the same time which will help me reinforce my work through descriptions and text and illustrations. I'm going to use the stylus for that sometimes to keep my sketches clean to an extent from scratching and writing and highlighting some parts you know, especially that I could delete those added layers so easily and maintain the original scans.

So, to start with, I was asked to do a calligraphy piece of any Quraan verse or Sura for a wall. Now what's challenging about this is that all my previous attempts were single words, and I could mold the letters in whichever form I desire that fits with the letters themselves and creates a "composition". Here, I'm dealing with words and sentences, which makes it harder to manipulate, yet the use of the free form of letters that I use makes it very flexible to dettach and dislocate any letter in a way that I see enhancing to the composition.

Al-Falaq - 01

This is what I came up with. I wouldn't like to mention what it reads and I'd like to focus on the composition itself, but I will to save the viewer the time spent trying to read it. It's the first verse from Surat Al-Falaq (113), I picked it because of the similarities between the letters; there are three 'faa's and 'qaf's and one 'waw' which looks like them so there are four similar letters, which is good I guess for a composition. Another reason is the relationship between this Sura and avoiding 'Envy', fits with the purpose as it's for a living room.

Al-Falaq - 02

Obviously there's a great deal of repetition in the whole composition, the starting letters, the shapes and the distances between them, but I feel it's a little unbalanced.

Al-Falaq - 04

The main 'mass' is concentrated to the right, maybe the completition of the other verses in a border like shape might help balance it out.

Al-Falaq - 05

This is a better sketch, the lines are a lot more balanced and I feel the dots balance out the composition mass. Still I'm not sure about the intersecting part. I think I like this sketch the best!

Al-Falaq - 06

Al-Falaq - 07

Another sketch with parallel curves, I like the intersection, it adds a bit of a twist. I'll leave it for a while now.

By the way this is the piece I was going to participate in the gallery with but I pulled out! (Chickennn)