2 Weeks ago I went on a site visit to my graduation project's site. It was a bit of a 'disappointment'; it was built. See on Google Earth it was as clean as a sheet of paper! So much for a natural growth. (Not that the project is going to be built, it's just to take pictures of a vacant site plus I'd get to enjoy having a site "to build")

My Site - 01

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The site is located by Dubai Creek, very close to Al-Maktoom bridge on the way to Dubai Municipality and Al-Bastakiyya (Dubai Heritage Area). Lovely area, great flow away from the traffic headed to Burjuman, longitudinal plot, by the water, visible from Al-Maktoom bridge, big enough (32,000 square meters)! Top notch site really! (Enjoying it too much eh?)

My Site - 02

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My Site - 03

This is the view from Al-Maktoom bridge, right opposite to the famous Dubai National Bank building.

My Site - 04

Good views as one approaches the site too, I think it's great that the site is longitudinal, it will have a great deal of the building aligned by the street that allows better exposure.

My Site - 05

And here is the real-life occuapnt of the site. (!)

My Site - 06

My Site - 07

Amazing stretch huh?

My Site - 08

Dubai Creek

The view already attracts people to take photos by the creek and the modern architecture. There are lots of these on Google Earth, the second was taken by some guy on Google Earth.

My Site - 09

I guess I'm enjoying this a bit too much.