Day 70

50 workdays since my first count, I've felt things transform over the weeks. I'm too tired to write excessively, but I can't deny the urge in me to tell about this fantastic day.

50 workdays ago, I was still setting start with my museum, my graduation project, I was still entering the hectic world of watercolor (and Acrylic), I was still ignoring my 3DS Max modelling practice, and, I knew nothing about Newton's laws.

50 workdays later, I'm outstandingly optimistic, the museum is going pretty well, although, I'm remarkably late (as usual). Watercolor is doing great, a totally different experience! 3DS Max is doing great as well, and I know the relationship between Velocity and Initial Velocity by heart.

But, the inspiring bit of this day was none of the above, it was another search of inspiration. I was on my way to drop my friend off when I suggested we go look for a villa my professor Mr. Thaer has designed (for those of you in Sharjah, other than the one in Sharqan), and so we went. It was very quiet, I didn't have my 'cool' driving glasses with me so I was driving rather slowly, it was dark too, so it was like searching for a needle in a stack of hay, in a dark hut, only that needle was a piece of art; it was worth the search. We started discussing the 5 years we've spent in that school, what courses were worthwhile, what courses were disastrous, we ended up concluding to the fact that a number of the courses we've studied were just 'Junk Credit', I think I counted something around 7 'Major' courses, wasted. That is a lot!

After a good hour of search, its white plaster walls were embracing us from a distance, in the night, I felt my blood rushing. Pure white, outstanding articulation of mass, I'd say it's a true translation of Modernist principles, the monochrome quality of architecture hence the white color, a Meier signature grid that Thaer is fond of: "Such geometry and masses need a grid to get them into order". The slick details and openings, It's as good as it sounds. We couldn't take pictures because it's owned by a judge and I wouldn't even take the risk! What a shame, really, I think such pieces of art shouldn't be that low profile! I'll try asking him for photos of it, maybe I could write about it on enKlosure, along with the villa in Sharqan.

Villa In Sharqan, Sharjah UAE - Thaer Ali
Villa In Sharqan, Sharjah UAE - Thaer Ali

A corner of the villa in Sharqan