Sat In La Chaise

Tonight, after an oppressed confrontation with a young witch (i.e. obnoxious, arrogant lady), and afterwards a narrow-plotted movie (i.e. X Files the movie), I was wandering around until the group finished their movie, and from a distance, I saw a little logo, a logo that translates into my conception of manufactured therapy. It was B&B Italia. I went and opened the giant glass doors that transferred me from a chaotic outdoors orgy to a completely silent world, where nothing spoke human languages, only the language of extremely fine design, and outstanding legends.

When I first walked in I spotted it in the close distance, its humble whiteness, the marvelous sculpture of its body, La Chaise!


I never thought a chair would leave one so speechless. I'm not trying to exaggerate to sound awestruck or anything, I was literally taken away. I was sitting in it, knees touching, like a criminal. Its asymmetry astonished me!

It is wonderful how when the Eames' made it, their intention was a chair made out of affordable materials, yet appealing, well they scored on the latter. The chair was too expensive to make and it didn't go into production until Vitra manufactured it in 1991. La Chaise costs 41,000 DHMS, which is about $11,000!

La Chaise turns 60 this year, but its beauty is still breathtaking.

I sat in a Mart as well, and today I believe it's one of the most outstanding chairs of all time.



Mart - Antonio Citterio