Tonight, I received a phone call, from an old friend of mine that goes by the name of Mohammed Balfaqeeh, whom I've written about before on this space. I'd written a long time ago about me probably getting featured in some book, and to be honest the last period was a quite busy time in my life and I'd forgotten the whole issue until a few days ago when I remembered it and thought to myself: "Well I wonder if they will ever release the next version of the book!", but tonight I realized they did!


It's called B2, it's an exhibit of graphic design works related to the author, Mr. Abubakir Balfaqeeh, done by his respective Firm B&A, and the other part is a compilation of various artists and designers from across the region. The old cover related to design in way I prefer, how it's white and it's name has more character, B The Book! This white fetish of mine is becoming more evident by the day.

Mr. Balfaqeeh featured 4 photos of mine, and 2 architectural projects. The photos aren't my favorites to be honest; I believe I have much better photos. Meanwhile the projects are 2 of my dearest projects, Concrete House and Ajman Ladies Club.

I believe this is a huge achievement for me, to be featured in an Arts book in 2 categories, yet a humble push for me to pursue whatever is in the horizon.

My appreciation goes to the author, Mr. Balfaqeeh, and much goes to my friend Mohammed Balfaqeeh.

EDIT: B&A's Website is www.bnavcc.com