At Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial

May 30, 2008 Last Month, Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial 2008 opened its doors and humbly, I had a piece there that my teacher Mr. Adnan Al-Shareefi urged me to do, and I thank him for that.I met a lot of key figures on the opening day, such as Mohammed-Jalil Rasooli, the Iranian Master! There's a solo exhibition for him in addition to Adnan Al-Sheikh Othman (whom I met as well), a Syrian Master Calligrapher in the Arabic Calligraphy Center in the Heritage Area, so I was roaming around and there was a guy that looked more of a figure that was there for the event, he had a companion, and 2 other men surrounding them and obviously leading an appreciation kind of a conversation. I figured instantly that one of them was obviously Rasooli so I instantly went to meet him.

Rasooli looked old, he is. He wore a pair of squarish glasses and had this frown on his face, I asked the guy on his side, is this Mr. Rasooli? He confirmed. I instantly turned to Mr. Rasooli to show my profound appreciation to his work and his person! Unfortunately I didn't think he wouldn't understand a word of Arabic nor English, so I had to tell his companion that it's an honor to meet him and to see his work here. A few seconds of translations and he was replying back in a warm way: "Tashakkor Tashakkor!". I recommend going to the biennial if not for the works there, only for his works!

Another key figure was Tajelsir Hassan! I was looking all over for him until I met with another sudanese calligrapher, so I couldn't but ask: "Is Mr. Tajelsir Here?", he confirmed too and I felt I'd go close to his work in hope that I'd find him in person. I went in the section that had all the modern "Huroofi" pieces (Abstract/Letterish/Modern Calligraphy) but never found him in there, so I went out to the courtyard and there was a Sudanese guy standing with another person, so I was observing his face features, and it was him! He notices me staring at him so he interrupts his conversation with the other guy, and there I popped in to say hello. He spent a few seconds to read my Participation tag, and when he read Philisteen (Palestine) on my country, he hugged me! I was speechless!

I remember I once wrote about Mr. Khaled Al-Saai. A well-known Syrian modern Calligrapher, Mr. Khaled was very friendly! I met him more than once before that, once in my teacher's studio and Mr. Adnan was like: "Here's Khaled Al-Saai, the guy you've been nagging my head with his work!" I almost went: "DUUUH!" but in respect I replied: "Yeah sure I know him!". Anyway, he took me to his works and we had a little conversation about his look to modern calligraphy. His words were: "Modern Calligraphy is about Ideology".

Dec 26, 2008

Six months after writing the above, and discovering that the draft didn't go through, I realized I owe this space a lot.

This is the piece that had been exhibited in the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial 2008.