Lord Of The Red Sea

As my vacation is drawing closer to its ultimate demise, I spent a couple of good days at The Red Sea, something that I've never experienced as I've never visited Aqaba before, and till now I don't see a good reason why I should go back again to Aqaba. It's a sea-city, and I live in Sharjah, which is a sea-city, and Sharjah is a proper city! I'm not trying to compare mind you but I believe Aqaba's tourism facet is not really pretty, as it consists basically of nothing but a sea to enjoy and a diving facility and TCHE TCHE Aqaba. I'd probably hung out at the wrong places. While at it, a friend of mine was going Scuba-diving and while we were waiting for his equipment to arrive, someone was coming out of the water holding a string in his hand with a kill clinging to it, it turns out he'd fished an Octopus, something that I'd never seen before live. They call him the Lord Of The Red Sea; he fishes whenever he wants and whatever he wants.