Why I'm Joining The Internet Protest In Jordan

The Internet is an essential part of my life. The Internet is one of the greatest human inventions of all time, let alone the greatest by far of the last couple of decades. The Internet is an endless sea of knowledge and media and fun and things unknown to everyone. The Internet is how I send a quick text to a friend in China, and Germany, and Italy, and Syria, and Canada, just as if they were in the neighborhood next to me. The Internet is how I get the news while they're still steaming hot from the news makers; the people. The Internet is how I watch a version of TV without the interruption of ads that were designed by an idiot who thinks little of me and the masses. The Internet is where some of the great people wish to live and share they're amazing thoughts, and I wish to be among them. The Internet is the awesome parallel universe I dream to live in. The Internet knows no weapons of mass destruction. The Internet doesn't know the meaning of the word murder. The Internet is immune to the disgusting massacres of dictators and extremists. The Internet does not forget. If someone with a poor judgement chooses to tell us how to act in that parallel universe, and what what we can and what we can not see, it will fall apart, and it'll become a digital version of the horrors in the world we all know and live in. I don't live in Jordan, but because of the Internet, I feel like I do. This website will shut down tomorrow, deliberately.