While On Guitars

If St. Vincent's Music Man guitar is important because it's women's first contribution in the machismo-dominated guitar world, I'm now going to talk about insanity. Rick Toone is the mad scientist of luthiers. There is no restraint here, or preconceptions. The thing that gets to me about musicians, is that they are irrational individuals. Instruments can be beaten, burnt, swamped in a flood, and still there's a musician out there who will play one and say it sounds magical. Rick Toone's instruments are not traditional and they don't try to be. The necks are made of aluminum and they are headless, two features that aren't unheard of in the world of guitars, but the way he creates one-off instruments that are tailored to one's torso all while looking pretty primitive and rough is out of this world engineering and luthiery; 21st century instruments.





Note the dual plane control.



They were originally headless but the newly released Spearfish model brings headstocks to Rick Toone land.


These side dot markers are beautiful. The overlap of the fretboard over the dot shows a lot of product design sensibility.



PHOTO: Rick Toone