I Should, And I Will

Funny that I asked the question "Should I?" and to my surprise, Squarespace have a marketing theme that runs on "You Should." It seems I will. It's time any way, It's been 10 years since this website has been up, almost 8 with this look (and I still like it). But, the world today is different from the world back in 2006, there was no iPhone, and by extension, no scalable websites and Flash was so in. Poor Flash, you had to fight the iPhone didn't you? Oh, And back in 2006, we had a new Tool album, and I'm still quietly and eagerly and gracefully waiting. I'm going to learn from Flash's demise and I'm going to Squarespace. Farah believes I should go white: "Every cool and modern website is white, it's time you lightened up and became cool like the rest of the modern world!". Should I?