Black Hole Cleaner

I have this idea, it's called the Black Hole Cleaner. It's doable, and it's going to be big. It sounds stupid and impossible now but my optimistic side is positive this is going to be a reality soon, maybe in a few thousand years.

Now, the concept is a simple one. Basically, what we need to do is to create a small black hole that exists under our control, then use the power of this black hole to do the cleaning for us. It is not far fetched, the vacuum cleaner similarly harnesses a physical condition that is embedded in the rules of the universe we occupy which is rejection of vacuum. It basically pushes out the air in a compartment, creating a vacuum, which has to be replaced by air that carries whatever we need to sit inside the cleaner rather than our floors.

My idea is to create an automatic cleaner in the form of a timid black hole that you just release around the house, and it would gently suck out whatever needs not to be there. When done, a simple tap on a screen would kill its singularity and whatever atoms became one with it.