The Analogue Simulation Question

My loose question posted few weeks ago was flawed. The word "simulation" is the operative word here, to be able to fully explore the idea of being in reality that is reality outside our consciousness. Which is inconceivable, but not unthinkable.

Not living in base reality is a mathematical probability, it is possible though to be the species who found themselves in a very fortunate position to have evolved with enough conditions that permitted the evolution of consciousness and reflection, to realize that we "may" very well be the species that will eventually model their lifetimes in an alternative environment.

The environment we model our lifetimes in could either be analogue or digital. We have successfully modeled and simulated the existence of universes in computers. Such models could develop in the future to host complex beings living in them, some questions that come to mind then are, can we first of all communicate with them? The second question then would be, would we actually want to? The third question would be, do they have reflection to realize that they are living beings who live in a simulation? If yes, then that could be us.

The analogue model or "simulation" means that our existence is not virtual, and that what we see and smell and touch is all real, but not the reality we all call reality. It is the one and the same reality shared with the species who created our life, it would be life made of the same components and faces the same physical challenges as them. But then, the first question would be are those species or group of individuals from that species superior to us? The second question would be do we have free will? Could they die and could we still exist without them?

Further reading on this is required.